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QUICK. PRECISE. NO FUSS. Caravan & Motorhome Leveling Setup by Innovation. Made In Australia - Selling to the World!
QUICK. PRECISE. NO FUSS. Made In Australia - Selling to the World!

SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes & Campervans

SavvyLevelRV is a revolutionary levelling system for motorhomes and campervans. No heavy hydraulics required. SavvyLevel is light weight and allows you to level in the pitch and tilt remotely with NO FUSS!

Please note that you purchase the SavvyLevel hardware below, however the app you download is different to the caravan app. For motorhomes & campervans you download the SavvyLevelRV app (note the 'RV' on the end of SavvyLevel).

Please note that SavvyLevelRV can use a 9Volt battery if you do not wish to hard-wire it to your motorhome, however, SavvyLevelRV has been made for easy DIY installation.

Which product should I buy:

  • SavvyLevel by itself: purchase this if you are intending to get your dealer or local auto electrician to install it. Or you might be handy and have the installation parts lying around in the garage at home.
  • SavvyLevel with Internal Wiring Kit: purchase this if you are going to DIY install and need the wiring kit to do so.
  • $310.00

    SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes & Internal Wiring Kit

    All you need to install your SavvyLevelRV into your motorhome or campervan DIY.

  • $199.00

    Basic Kit for Block Leveling

    CARAVAN LEVELING BLOCKS These heavy duty caravan levelling blocks are safe and easy to use. Made from UV protected material, they will give you...

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  • $295.00

    SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes & Campervans.

    SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes. To be mounted internally SavvyFinally there is a low cost, light weight yet precise & EASY alternative to level ...

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  • $135.00

    Bag of 10 Extra Blocks

    Extra blocks. 10 pack. Single axle caravans require the basic kit only. Dual axle caravans and motorhomes may require extra blocks so purchase th...

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  • $55.00

    Wheel Chocks (Price Includes 2 Wheel Chocks)

    These UV protected wheel chocks come as a set of 2 and are a necessity to safely secure your caravan or trailer. Made from durable UV resistant ma...

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