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**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **
**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **

Phone apps alone are not levellers

Mobile Phones are Lower Precision Digital Spirit Levels


A Mobile Phone/App by itself is NOT Precise. It Does Not Provide Remote Leveling Capability & is Simply a Digital Spirit Level. Unlike SavvyLevel that Provides Remote Leveling, Magnified Tilt Indications & the Level Corrections in mm/inches & Degrees!


Why Is A Mobile Phone NOT a Leveling Device?  



A mobile phone provides approximate leveling information which is un-calibrated & temperature sensitive.

You're better off using your eye to level rather than trying to mess around with a phone as a level. A phone app is simply a poor version of a spirit level!

The issues associated with using mobile phones as levelers are that you need a person remotely reading the phone and reporting back to the driver (like with a spirit level). The driver is guided by the person looking at the mobile phone - therefore, once again, the same issue that occurs with the spirit level (two people required), but the phone app, sadly has even less precision. 

Additionally, a mobile phone is also not thermally calibrated meaning - when the ambient temperature changes, so does the level the phone displays...'

Mobile phones are also "jerky" and not easy to use - especially for caravan or motorhome leveling. SavvyLevel by contrast is free flowing and responsive.

SavvyLevel is precise, saves your preferred level (so you can level to that set level every time thereafter)  and shows your in-house battery charge and much more!


SavvyLevel is a Remote Reporting, Precise, Temperature Calibrated Leveling Innovation System.