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Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!

How to use

The SavvyLevel: 

Simple Step Process of Levelling

  • Connect SavvyLevel to your RV battery (One off). Once done, SavvyLevel will report the voltage of your RV battery showing when you open the SavvyLevel app.
  • Set up your caravan or RV to your personalised level.
  • A simple button press on the app will save your personalised 'level' to the SavvyLevel internal memory. SavvyLevel will remember this even if the power is switched off.
  • Drive into site, phone or tablet with you in the car. No need to be part of the phone network - SavvyLevel works in the Simpson Desert! You can immediately see the best spot (if you are free camping) with magnified tilt information being sent to you (in the car) in real time showing mm/inches and degrees with moving images; the voltage state of your battery is also sent to you.
  • In the car (from your phone or tablet) you can see which wheel is down in mm, inches and degrees. 
  • The tilt information being sent to you in mm or inches tells you immediately if your ramps are high enough and will work. If you are using blocks just adjust the block height to what is shown on the SavvyLevel correction level. 
  • Ramp under the low wheel, driver drives forward, watching the magnified east-west image until it shows level - chock that wheel.
  • Go to the jockey wheel, adjust whilst looking at your phone until SavvyLevel reports level in the pitch - stabilizers down.
  • If you are using airbags, its even easier. Just open the app and adjust the airbags until SavvyLevel reports level.
  • Don't miss the hitch height feature for easy re coupling when the holiday is over plus the many other features SavvyLevel offer. No wonder it is an industry standard and preferred light weight fully integrated leveling solution.
Start Enjoying your Holiday!