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Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!


Experience the ultimate in precision & convenience with the SavvyLevel CV4 (for caravans) & MH4 (for motorhomes).
If you haven't had a chance to explore the comprehensive tutorial on your smart device during your initial setup of the Savvy SERIES 4 app, you can easily access it by navigating to the settings section and selecting "Replay Tutorial."

We continuously update all our apps, including SavvyLevel, to ensure seamless compatibility with the latest advancements in Android and iPhone technologies.

Say goodbye to intrusive ads – both the SavvyLevel CV4 and MH4 apps are entirely ad-free. We take pride in offering frequent updates at absolutely no cost to you. The apps are designed with simplicity in mind, featuring comprehensive built-in tutorials to guide you through their functionalities effortlessly.

Unlike free or cheaper apps, the SavvyLevel app establishes a dynamic connection between your device and our innovative hardware.
SavvyLevel is thermally calibrated and has a precision of better than 0.1 degree. It's replicated movement is smooth and it offers a full tutorial to the user on what is required to level rather than just a screen of jerky messy movements. You will understand what this means when you compare both.
While the app resides on your smartphone, the SavvyLevel hardware device communicates vital data from your caravan, camper trailer, or motorhome directly to the app. It's important to note that SavvyLevel offers more than just an app; it's a complete and integrated solution.

It's essential to highlight that the SavvyLevel experience stands in a league of its own, vastly different from ordinary phone apps and cheaper copy cat alternative gimmicks. In reality, standard phone apps cannot be equated to true leveling solutions – they often fall short, functioning merely as gimmicks. Trust in SavvyLevel for a reliable, unparalleled leveling experience.
The Spirit level:
  • The spirit level shows a different level position depending on which area it is placed. The spirit levels below are directly next to each other yet display completely different readings.
  • Often a spirit level is placed on the 'A' frame of a caravan or camper, for instance. Someone directs the driver depending on the position of the bubble. This level will NOT necessarily indicate the level of the caravan or camper as the RV does not exactly match the level of the 'A' frame.
  • In other words, the spirit level might show level, but it is only level for the position in which it is placed.
  • It is difficult to level an RV to your personalised level every time using a spirit level mounted on the A frame or inside the RV.

A Spirit Level used for leveling an RV:

  • can place a person in a hazardous position as they attempt to read it around a moving vehicle.
  • cannot tell you whether the ramps are large enough to level the van from the beginning.
  • cannot tell you the exact size block ramps to use.
  • when used for single person operation, requires someone going back and forth to direct the changes in motion.
  • does not provide a way of saving your preferred level.
  • does not remember the position of the RV in 3D space and therefore cannot level you to the exact preferred position exactly the same every time.
  • does not allow you to level by yourself, in under a minute!