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**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **
**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **

Why Spirit Levels Are Inadequate?

The Spirit Level
  • The spirit level shows a different level position depending on which area it is placed. The spirit levels below are directly next to each other yet display completely different readings.
  • Often a spirit level is placed on the 'A' frame of a caravan or camper, for instance. Someone directs the driver depending on the position of the bubble. This level will NOT necessarily indicate the level of the caravan or camper as the RV does not exactly match the level of the 'A' frame.
  • In other words, the spirit level might show level, but it is only level for the position in which it is placed.
  • It is difficult to level an RV to your personalised level every time using a spirit level mounted on the A frame or inside the RV.


A Spirit Level used for leveling an RV:

  • can place a person in a hazardous position as they attempt to read it around a moving vehicle.
  • cannot tell you whether the ramps are large enough to level the van from the beginning.
  • cannot tell you the exact size block ramps to use.
  • when used for single person operation, requires someone going back and forth to direct the changes in motion.
  • does not provide a way of saving your preferred level.
  • does not remember the position of the RV in 3D space and therefore cannot level you to the exact preferred position exactly the same every time.
  • does not allow you to level by yourself, in under a minute!

Note the bubble difference in each spirit level above yet they are placed next to each other in the same location!