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**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **
**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **


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Q: If I install SavvyLevel on the draw bar or inside, isn't it just leveling the small area on which it is mounted - just like a spirit level? How is it different? 

A: Great question. SavvyLevel is VERY different to a spirit level or any other electronic leveler. It doesn't matter where SavvyLevel is mounted - it can be upside down. It levels the whole caravan not just the place in which it is placed. You set you caravan or motorhome to the level that works for you (your individual level) and you tell SavvyLevel to remember your special level. SavvyLevel will save the 3D level of your caravan in what we call EPROM and will level you to that level from that time forward unless you decide to change it.

In other words, SavvyLevel is NOTHING like a spirit level - it is so much more advanced and the reason we gained a government grant to create SavvyLevelCRANE for all cranes. 

Q. I'm having trouble with my SavvyLevel?

A. Have you watched all the troubleshooting and instruction videos? LINK HERE:

If you haven’t – please do so NOW.

Have you read ALL instructions? IN NOT PLEASE DO SO NOW.

 Q. Can I mount my SavvyLevel anywhere on my caravan or motorhome?

A. If you have a motorhome you can essentially mount the SavvyLevel anywhere inside. 

If you have a caravan on the other hand, you either mount the SavvyLevel on the A frame (if you have a metal front wall) or inside anywhere (if you have a fibreglass front wall). 

Q: I can't connect to my SavvyLevel device from my mobile?

1. Did you try connecting with another mobile? If NOT, please try now.

2. Has Location Services been switched on in the phone settings? If so, please turn location services off then on again. If not, please turn location services on NOW and try again.

3. Have you tried to connect with Bluetooth pairing or connect via the SavvyLevel app through tapping on the menu section of the SavvyLevel app?

4. If your SavvyLevel is externally mounted did you follow the instructions precisely to achieve IP68 rating? This is very important.

5. Have you checked the battery directly at the 'Connection Point' to ensure your SavvyLevel is getting power?

6. Have you recently encountered extreme weather, i.e., high temperature, floods, etc?

7. Has anything changed in the period between when it worked and when it stopped working?

8. Do you have an Enerdrive SMART battery system? If so, please switch the Enerdrive system off, then open the SavvyLevel app and connect as usual via the app, menu and connect device.