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**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **
**THANKYOU for your continued support in BUYING FULLY AUSTRALIAN MADE & OWNED **

Quality RV Level Innovation

SavvyLevel is SIMPLE To Use & it Works.
SavvyLevel provides the following HUGE benefits over your current methods of leveling, whilst being packed with the latest technology.
What SavvyLevel DOES that other methods DON'T!


  • SavvyLevel considers the entire caravan, camper trailer, motor home or 4WD and does not just consider the spot in which it is placed.
  • Often a spirit level or phone app is placed on the 'A' frame or inside the RV for levelling. This position will NOT indicate the level of the entire RV, as the RV does not exactly match the level of the 'A' frame or the position of where the levelling instrument is placed.
  • In other words, the SavvyLevel shows the level of the entire RV and not just the position in which it is mounted.
  • Due to SavvyLevel's extraordinary precision the image the user sees can be magnified; allowing the user to clearly visualise which wheel needs to be corrected as well as being able to watch the levelling process remotely from the driver's seat on their phone.
  • It is SO EASY to level an RV to your personalised level every time, by yourself and from the driver's seat of your vehicle.

 A SavvyLevel


  • tell you whether the ramps are large enough to level the van from the beginning.
  • tell you the exact size block ramps to use.
  • allow single person operation & levelling in under a minute.
  • provide a way of saving your preferred level.
  • remember the position of the RV in 3D space and therefore CAN level you to the exact preferred position exactly the same every time.

Does NOT:

  • place a person in a hazardous position as they attempt to read it around a moving vehicle. With SavvyLevel NO ONE need be around a moving vehicle as you level from the convenience of your car!
  • require someone going back & forth to direct the changes in motion.