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Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!

SavvyLevel S4 & External Mount Box Bundle

SKU 6192S4

Achieve perfect levelling in under 60 seconds with the SavvyLevel precision levelling device. Engineered for caravans, campers, motorhomes, and 4WDs, the SavvyLevel S4 offers revolutionary simplicity and unmatched accuracy for you to experience hassle-free setup from the comfort of your vehicle, every time.

The SavvyLevel S4 & External Mount Box is for you if you're installing a SavvyLevel externally, have the necessary wiring parts, and need to mount SavvyLevel on the A-frame in a protective external box. SavvyLevel S4 will need to be externally installed if you have a heavily metalized caravan that blocks the Bluetooth signal from reaching the tow vehicle when mounted internally (use the 9V battery adaptor to test if unsure) or if you prefer to mount it externally due to wiring or other reasons.

Please ensure you follow our steps on how to perform the installation, on supplied 'SavvyLevel External Mount Installation Guide' or go to website, savvylevel.store, then Documentation -> External Installation.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Precision Levelling: Set up your vehicle in under a minute with SavvyLevel's advanced technology.

  • 100% Accuracy: Guaranteed precise levelling, day or night, for a stress-free camping experience.

  • User-Friendly: Operate easily via Bluetooth from your mobile app while remaining comfortably seated.

  • Customised Comfort: Tailored levelling solutions for solo adventurers, families, and travelers with mobility concerns.

  • Works off grid: Enjoy seamless levelling without needing internet connection.

  • Pioneering Safety Standards: Enhanced stability and peace of mind wherever you park.

  • Proudly Made in Australia: Local expertise meets global standards for unparalleled reliability. Designed and manufactured right here in Aus!

  • Unmatched Customer Service: Dedicated support to keep you on the road without hassle.

  • Monitor Inclination in Real-Time: Check your caravan's inclination state from the tow vehicle.

Why Choose SavvyLevel?

  • Fast Setup: No more tedious adjustments or frustrating levelling processes.

  • Precision: Know the exact measurements required (mm/inches) to bring caravan level with ramps/airbags.

  • Block Height Requirement: Know the exact number of blocks needed for levelling.

  • Jockey Wheel Adjustment: Determine jockey wheel height requirements in advance for smooth hitch release and levelling.

  • Hitch Release Height Recording: Record hitch release height for optimal re-hitching using a reversing camera.

  • Remote Airbag Operation: Level from the tow vehicle using a remote to control airbags, effectively auto-levelling. Check from inside the tow vehicle if the external airbag's maximum lift can level the caravan, and ensure precise levelling with x10 mode when operating the airbags from inside or outside the caravan.
  • Consistent Comfort: Achieve a perfect sleep position every time, avoiding uneven surfaces.

  • Weather Ready: Quick levelling through rain, hail or shine.

  • Enhanced Visibility: X10 Magnification mode for easy-to-read measurements.

  • Battery Insight: Monitor your battery voltage in real-time without exhausting the caravan battery.

  • Independent Levelling: Level your vehicle by yourself without needing assistance.

  • Optimal Fridge Functionality: Maintain an even surface for your fridge to operate at peak performance.

  • Peace of Mind: Engineered to perfection and backed by a 2-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

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