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Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is SavvyLevel thermally calibrated?

A: Yes, SavvyLevel is thermally calibrated to provide you with accurate levelling information. Unlike free apps and cheaper alternatives, SavvyLevel's calibration ensures that the level reading won't be affected by changes in ambient temperature. This means you can rely on precise and consistent levelling results regardless of external thermal conditions.

Q: If I install SavvyLevel on the draw bar or inside, isn't it just levelling the small area on which it is mounted - just like a spirit level? How is it different?

A: Excellent question. SavvyLevel sets itself apart from traditional spirit levels or other electronic levelers in a significant way. Unlike a spirit level, SavvyLevel's functionality is not confined to the area where it's mounted. It's not limited to just providing a local reading. Instead, SavvyLevel comprehensively levels your entire caravan or motorhome, regardless of where it's placed—even if it's mounted upside down.

Here's the magic: You personalise your preferred level, what we call your "individual level," for your vehicle. SavvyLevel then memorises this 3D level in its EPROM. From that point on, it works tirelessly to maintain that precise level, ensuring your comfort and convenience. This cutting-edge capability goes way beyond a simple spirit level or free app. And it's this advanced technology that led us to develop the motorhome leveling solution and why SavvyLevel is a standard inclusion on many high-end vans and is industry preferred.

Q. Why is SavvyLevel standard in high-end vans and why is SavvyLevel considered the BEST on the market?

A. When you choose SavvyLevel, you're investing in the original and best light weight, comparably lower cost levelling solution that's far superior (in fact absolutely NO comparison) to free apps and imitations. We are not just saying that because it is our product - we say this confidently as it is TRUE. This is why SavvyLevel has 98% of all its reviews positive and 5 star.

But that's just the beginning. SavvyLevel is proudly Australian-made, owned, and operated, supporting Aussie families every step of the way.

Did you know we have dedicated apps for motorhomes and caravans? Our unique hitch height feature streamlines the coupling process in one go, and our fully integrated levelling solution will guide you through which wheel to lower or raise if using airbags as well as which wheel to ramp if using ramps or blocks. And speaking of levelling, SavvyLevel calculates the precise blocks or ramp heights you need, ensuring you'll never overstep your ramps.

Experience smooth, seamless levelling with SavvyLevel. Our cutting-edge technology offers 'Zero Calibration', ie. SavvyLevel remembers your preferred level, making each setup a breeze.

Discover the power of 10x Zoom, a feature essential for accurate levelling of angles less than 5 degrees.

Q. Can I mount my SavvyLevel anywhere on my caravan or motorhome?

A. If you have a motorhome, you can essentially mount the SavvyLevel anywhere inside horizontally on sturdy floor.

If you have a caravan, you can either mount the SavvyLevel internally or externally on the A frame.

Install the unit internally if you:

- have a fiberglass or composite Caravan, or
- have a Motorhome, or
- have a tunnel boot at the front with a plastic door (mount in tunnel boot).

Install the unit externally if you:

- have a heavily metalized Caravan that does not allow the Bluetooth signal (if mounted internally) to reach the tow vehicle - if unsure use the 9V battery adaptor to test.
- prefer to mount it externally due to wiring or other reasons.

Q: I can't connect to my SavvyLevel device from my mobile?

 1. Did you try connecting with another mobile? If NOT, please try now.

 2. Has Location Services been switched on in the phone settings? If so, please turn location services off then on again. If not, please turn location services on NOW and try again.

3. Have you tried to connect with Bluetooth pairing or connect via the SavvyLevel app. SavvyLevel connects directly via the app - not the traditional pairing methods you might be used to. SavvyLevel is EASY to connect for this reason.

4. If your SavvyLevel is externally mounted, did you follow the instructions precisely to achieve IP68 rating when it was installed to seal the unit from external environmental hazards? This is very important.

5. Have you checked the battery directly at the 'Connection Point' to ensure your SavvyLevel is getting power?

6. Has anything changed in the period between when it worked and when it stopped working?

Q: What's the advantage of using SavvyLevel over traditional leveling methods?

A: SavvyLevel offers precise 3D levelling, ensuring your entire vehicle is level according to your preferred settings. Unlike traditional methods, it considers the entire vehicle's orientation/area and doesn't require constant adjustments.

Q: How do I calibrate SavvyLevel to my preferred level?

A: Once your vehicle is level as per your preference, press and hold the 'Zero Calibration' button on the Savvy App in Settings. It will save this level as your reference for future levelling.

Q: Can I use SavvyLevel for levelling my RV while parked on uneven terrain?

A: Absolutely! SavvyLevel is designed to accurately level your RV on various terrains, ensuring a comfortable and stable experience wherever you're parked.

Q: Does SavvyLevel require a constant power source for operation?

 A: SavvyLevel operates using any power supply from 9 - 30 Volts so you can use a 9V battery. However, it's recommended to connect it to your vehicle's power source to ensure uninterrupted operation and as an added feature SavvyLevel has a remote battery reader so you can open your Savvy app and see the internal battery supply of your RV. A nice free feature that usually costs more money to purchase individually.

Q: Are the movements of SavvyLevel jerky and unstable like those of free apps and cheaper products, making the levelling process difficult?

A: Absolutely not. SavvyLevel stands out by delivering remarkably smooth and stable movements that precisely replicate your RV's motion. Unlike mere screen app movements, SavvyLevel offers seamless integration, providing a comprehensive leveling solution that ensures your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Q: Is SavvyLevel compatible with all types of RVs and motorhomes?

A: Yes, SavvyLevel is designed to work with a wide range of RVs and motorhomes, regardless of their size, make, or model. It has a dedicated app for caravans SavvyCV4 and another dedicated to motorhomes SavvyMH4. SavvyLevel is offered on both iOS and android platforms at NO extra cost.

Q: Can I share my SavvyLevel settings with other devices?

A: Yes, you can use the SavvyLevel app to save and restore your settings on different devices, making it convenient if you use multiple devices. SavvyLevel will only connect with one device at a time however as it offers a completely encrypted connection making it a safe coupling between the SavvyLevel and your smart device. This way you can NEVER connect with some else's SavvyLevel once initial encrypted connection is formed.

Q: Is there a warranty for SavvyLevel?

A: Yes, we offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty for SavvyLevel. Please refer to our website or product documentation for details on the warranty period and terms.

Q: How can I update the software of my SavvyLevel?

A: Check Apple Store or Play Store for updates.

Q: Does SavvyLevel work with both iOS and Android devices?

A: Yes, SavvyLevel is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to use it with your preferred mobile operating system.

Q: Can I use SavvyLevel for other applications besides levelling RVs?

A: While SavvyLevel is primarily designed for RV leveling, it can be adapted for various applications where accurate levelling is essential. For instance, it can be used to level cranes, to check levels of benches and floors etc. SavvyLevel is a precision instrument and not a toy, therefore it can be used in the building industry. Did you know food trucks also utilise the levelling capability of the SavvyLevel as well as cabinet makers.

Q: Tired of spending precious camping time levelling your RV the old-fashioned way?

A: Say goodbye to guesswork and frustration! With SavvyLevel, you'll enjoy hassle-free levelling in minutes, so you can start relaxing sooner.

Q: Concerned about potential damage to your RV's frame or are you seeking alternatives to the added weight and expenses associated with other available systems?

A: SavvyLevel offers a solution that addresses both concerns. With SavvyLevel, there is no damage done to your frame, as it offers a secure and non-intrusive installation that preserves your RV's structural integrity. Weighing in at less than 200g, SavvyLevel presents a lightweight and cost-effective choice, priced at a fraction of other levelling systems. You'll get the same exceptional results without the hefty price tag and added weight.

Q: Want to make sure you're getting the most accurate levelling every time?

A: SavvyLevel's advanced technology provides precise 3D leveling, ensuring a stable and comfortable camping experience, no matter the terrain.

Q: Concerned about overloading your RV with excess gear?

A: SavvyLevel's lightweight and compact design won't add unnecessary weight, making it the perfect addition to your RV setup. In fact, SavvyLevel weighs less than 200g.

Q: Looking for a versatile levelling solution that fits all RV types?

A: SavvyLevel is compatible with a wide range of RVs and motorhomes, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your vehicle, regardless of its size or model. SavvyLevel has a dedicated app for caravans, SavvyCV4, and motorhomes, SavvyMH4.

Q: Tired of constantly monitoring your RV's level during your stay?

A: SavvyLevel's memory function saves your preferred level, meaning you can set it and forget it, leaving you to enjoy your time without interruptions.

Q: Fed up with the constant need to monitor your RV's battery while on your trip?

A: Say goodbye to battery worries with SavvyLevel's remote battery feature. Keep track of your battery supply effortlessly through a simple tap on the app.

Q: Why is SavvyLevel an innovative solution trusted by industry professionals?

A: SavvyLevel is the chosen levelling device for high-end RVs proving its reliability and effectiveness in demanding situations. It is fully Australian Made offering quality throughout. Nothing comes close to the SavvyLevel. Nothing.

Q. Why Is Precision So Important? 

Typical Error of 0.5 Degree's in Other Products & Phone Levellers

This means the following:

Other products & phone levellers have angle errors of +/- 0.5 degrees & increase to several degrees as the temperature changes from freezing to a hot day!

This means:

Tilt Error: +/- 0.5 degree angular error means up to a 52mm variation around a desired level for a 3m width increasing up to 260 mm if the temperature changes from cold to hot!

Pitch Error: +/- 0.5 degree angular error means up to 157mm variation around a desired level for a 9m length increasing up to 780mm (2/3 of a meter) if the temperature changes from cold to hot! Gimmick device - not practical AT ALL!

SavvyLevel Precision of 0.1 Degree

This means the following:

SavvyLevel has an angle error of +/- 0.1 maintained from freezing to hot by means of the on board advanced mathematical engine.

This means:

Tilt Error: +/- 0.1 degree angular error means up to a maximum of 10mm variation around a desired level for a 3m width without change if the temperature changes from freezing to hot!

Pitch Error: +/- 0.1 degree angular error means up to a maximum of 31mm variation around a desired level for a 9m length without change if the temperature changes from freezing to hot!

Very practical!

Remember, SavvyLevel isn't just a levelling device; it's a game-changer for RV enthusiasts seeking seamless, enjoyable, and safe adventures. Get yours today at and experience the difference!

  1. I'm having trouble with my SavvyLevel?
  2. Have you read all instructions? 

Savvy4 Documentation — SavvyLevel: QUICK. PRECISE. NO FUSS.

If you haven’t – please do so NOW.