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Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout for Free Shipping on the SavvyLevel S4 and all Savvy Bundles!

Using SavvyLevel solution

Simple Step Process of Levelling your RV using SavvyLevel solution:

  • Upon receiving your SavvyLevel (referred to as Savvy) device, connect it initially to 9V battery (not supplied) with provided 9V cable and check the best install location, to ensure strong Bluetooth signal between Savvy and Mobile App when sitting behind your RV wheel. Note: we recommend an internal installation (inside your RV) if possible, to avoid any external environmental hazards, but if that fails, external installation is fine (please check ‘SavvyLevel Caravan Installation Guide’ article for details).
  • Connect Savvy to your RV battery (a once off activity).
  • Again, a once off activity, level your Caravan manually to your ‘personalised’ desired level using whatever means available to you (spirit level?). Then, save this setting by simply pressing ‘Zero Calibration’ button in App’s ‘Settings’. This activity will save your personalised 'level' to the Savvy’s internal memory. Savvy will retain this information even if the power is switched off. You are now ready to start using SavvyLevel solution.
  • Note: you don’t need to be part of the phone network as Savvy solution uses Bluetooth to communicate.
  • When entering a campsite and deciding on an appropriate site, monitor Roll/Pitch to ensure that you choose a site where you can level your RV with ramps available to you. Displayed Roll/Pitch in mm/inches or no. of blocks will quickly indicate if you can level your RV with leveling tools (ramps/blocks/airbags) that are at your disposal.
  • Level Roll with ramps/blocks/airbags.
  • Level Pitch (after disconnecting from towing vehicle) using JackWheel/BlackJack.
  • Note: when disconnecting from towing vehicle, activate ‘Hitch Set’ to capture the height of disconnection, to be used later on when reconnecting the vehicle back with RV.
  • Note: for small inclinations (up to 4 degrees), activate ‘x10’ zoom for enhanced accuracy levelling.
  • Note: voltage where Savvy is connected to, is displayed at all times.


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