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Discover the PlatinumX, an exceptional alarm system that sets a new standard in the industry. This state-of-the-art product offers a comprehensive range of features and unparalleled flexibility, exceeding expectations as a market-leading solution.

With a solid list of standard inclusions and the option to customize the system to your specific requirements, the PlatinumX emerges as the ultimate choice. Experience unmatched versatility and tailor-made security that perfectly aligns with your individual needs, making the PlatinumX the number one option in its class.

1x PlatinumX control unit
1x safeGuard PIR
1x safeGuard Reed Switch
1x safeGuard Emergency Switch
1x High Output Siren
2x 4 Key Remotes
2x Security Warning Stickers

* all safeGuard sensors are wireless so no need to run multiple cables

The PlatinumX is equipped with a range of essential features straight out of the box. These standard inclusions ensure comprehensive security for your caravan:

  1. Internal PIR Detector: The built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) detector detects motion within the interior of your caravan. This advanced technology provides reliable protection by sensing any unauthorised movement and triggering the alarm system.

  2. Door Reed Switch: Safeguard your caravan’s entry points with the door reed switch. This magnetic sensor monitors the opening and closing of doors, ensuring that any unauthorised access is immediately detected and triggers an alarm.

  3. Emergency “Panic” Switch: In critical emergency situations, immediate access to this switch is crucial. With the dedicated emergency switch readily available, you don’t need to search and fumble for your keys, you can swiftly activate an instant alarm alerting others to the situation at hand. This rapid response can potentially deter intruders and provide you with essential time to seek help or take necessary action.

With these standard features, the PlatinumX ensures comprehensive security coverage for your caravan. AntiTow / AntiHitch Brake Locking

Introducing our intelligent Anti-Tow/Anti-Hitch system equipped with adjustable sensitivity, designed to safeguard your vehicle from being towed. With this advanced system in place, the brakes are automatically activated when an alarm is triggered, preventing unauthorised towing attempts.

Our proprietary algorithm ensures reliable performance as it is the only anti tow system on the market specifically engineered to eliminate alarms caused by shock-waves, the leading cause of false alarms. Advanced Brake Tamper Detection

With our cutting-edge Advanced Brake Tamper Detection* for electric brakes, your brakes are armed and protected like never before. This state-of-the-art feature ensures that your braking system remains secure and guarded against any tampering attempts through actively monitoring your brakes, providing an additional layer of protection.

*pat pendingBrake Safety Interlock

Our cutting-edge Brake Safety Interlock is here to provide you with ultimate protection in the event of accidental arming while driving. With this innovative system in place, you can rest assured that if the system is mistakenly armed, the brakes will not engage due to movement.

Your safety is our top priority, and we’ve designed this feature specifically to prevent any potential hazards or mishaps on the road. Drive with confidence knowing that our Brake Safety Interlock has your back, ensuring a secure and worry-free driving experience. Battery Voltage Alarm

 Designed to monitor your battery levels, it will notify you if the voltage drops below your pre-selected threshold. Our system is compatible with both lead acid and lithium batteries, ensuring versatility and functionality for various setups. Multiple Arming Modes

The system offers three distinct arming options: Normal mode, Silent mode (ideal for Caravan Parks), and Night mode.

In Normal mode, the system is armed with its standard security settings, providing comprehensive protection for your caravan.

Silent mode is specifically designed for peaceful environments such as Caravan Parks. When activated, the system remains armed but operates discreetly, without audible alerts or sirens that could disturb others nearby.

Night mode is the perfect solution for night time security. It focuses on perimeter protection, ensuring that you and your property are safeguarded while still allowing freedom of movement within your caravan during the night. LCD Screen

Stay informed and in control with the PlatinumX caravan alarm system featuring an advanced LCD screen. This cutting-edge addition provides you with instant access to comprehensive information about the status of your alarms.

The LCD screen on the PlatinumX delivers real-time updates, allowing you to monitor the security of your caravan at a glance. Get detailed insights into armed or disarmed status, a history of sensor activation’s, battery levels, and more, all conveniently displayed on the screen 


Customise your security solution with ease using our expandable system, capable of accommodating up to 13 sensors to perfectly suit your unique requirements.

Whether you need to safeguard multiple entry points, monitor specific areas, or enhance overall coverage, our system provides the flexibility to scale up and adapt. With the capability to add additional sensors, you can ensure comprehensive protection for your caravan.

Tailor your security setup to your exact specifications and enjoy the freedom to customise your caravan’s security to meet your evolving needs.Flash Lights and Alarm Siren

Experience the ultimate deterrent with our Alarm System, equipped with powerful features that include light flashing and a high-output waterproof siren.

The system is designed to flash your caravan’s lights, capturing attention and signalling a security breach. Additionally, the high-output waterproof siren emits a piercing sound, effectively deterring potential intruders and alerting those nearby. 

Full plug'n'play with optional GPS

Achieve seamless integration and enhanced functionality with the RVsecure GPS/Communications hub, perfectly compatible with the PlatinumX caravan alarm system. This powerful combination allows you to unlock the full potential of your security setup.

With the RVsecure online tracking and SMS alarm alert system, you gain real-time visibility and control over your caravan’s location. Stay connected and informed with instant SMS alerts whenever any alarm is triggered, ensuring you are promptly notified of any potential threats.

By harnessing the power of the RVsecure GPS/Communications hub, you can effortlessly monitor and track your caravan’s movements, bolstering your security measures and providing invaluable peace of mind. our Alarm control systems, proudly made right here in Australia. With our locally crafted products, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality solution while contributing to the growth of Australian businesses and job opportunities.